Redefining BEAUTY

Jo Michelle is the owner and key makeup artist at Jo Michelle Artistry. She focuses on enhancing her client’s natural beauty by bringing out their best features.

“I like to give everyone a glow that seems to follow them everywhere they go.”- Jo Michelle

She is currently working on achieving a one stop shop for all things makeup related by adjusting her brand to feel more clean, organized and elegant.

So proud of you Jo!   You are creative, phenomenal and unique! I believe in your GREATNESS! You are definitely #redefiningBEAUTY

Check out her work here:
Instagram: @JoMichelleArtistry14039980_696281953868314_336173127288016931_n

Grecia Daleth Elva Chapa is currently working on achieving Rookie of the Year at Liberty Mutual. When she has bad moments, her ritual to get back to a happy state of mind is to drink coffee from her “Believe in Who You Are” mug, turn around and read all the thank you letters she received from hundreds of people she has helped throughout the years. She practices gratitude and remembers to embrace her journey as some of her loved ones never had the opportunity she has been given. Before calling prospective clients at her job, she uses words of affirmation such as “I am powerful and I am loving. I am powerful and I am loved. I am powerful and I love it!”

“I choose to live in beauty and spread beauty everyday because life is too short not to. I challenge everyone to make someone smile doing something you are passionate about and reach out to me if you are ever in a slump and need motivation. I would love to help anyway that I can.”- Grecia Chapa

“Dream. Believe. Overachieve.”

So proud of you Grecia! We know you are an asset at Liberty Mutual. You are creative, phenomenal and unique! We believe in your GREATNESS! You are definitely #redefiningBEAUTY 


Uchénna Enwereji is currently working on growing as a respiratory therapist and really honing her skills. Her long term goals are to eventually go to medical school and become a doctor. Health and education are her main focus as she plans to go around the world, delivering much needed medical care and education to the less fortunate. Although she’s not certain how everything will fall into place after school, it’s very important to her that she is able to leave a mark on the earth.

“My definition of a quality life isn’t just about the possessions I accumulate or my ability to take care of myself and my family alone. For me, it’s about the positive impact I’m able to make on others’ lives. As a respiratory therapist, I encounter so many people that are sick, depressed, and just all around dejected. My job isn’t just to administer the medication or therapy they need. It is also to be a messenger of hope for them and to encourage them by showing that someone cares. I incorporate beauty in the lives of my patients by giving them a reason to smile and being that small ray of sunshine in the midst of the darkness their conditions bring. I absolutely love my job and being able to meet people at their point of need and offer solutions.”- Uchenna Enwereji

So proud of you Uche!  We know you will be an asset in the medical field. You are creative, phenomenal and unique! I believe in your GREATNESS! You are definitely #redefiningBEAUTY 


Mercedes Alonte’ is a recent college grad. She received her Bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising from the University of North Texas. She is currently searching for a company that celebrates women, inspires personal growth, and is defining technology standards in the fashion industry.

“I’d like to join a team of creatives and hopefully be apart of something bigger than myself to make a difference.Going beyond the surface of what meets the eye. It’s not about the clothes, the pictures or the glam…it’s about the story that lies beneath that. When I get dressed in the morning, or decide what to shoot that day, I’m always thinking about what message it will send that will benefit the viewer. It’s never in vein.” -Mercedes Alonté

So proud of you! We know you will be an asset to the fashion industry. You are creative, phenomenal and unique! I believe in your GREATNESS! You are definitely #redefiningBEAUTY


Leslie Renovato is a an amazing woman, teacher, wife and friend.

Here are her thoughts on beauty:

When asked to send 5 photos I felt most beautiful in, I searched for selfies I felt I looked “good” in. I could not find many I liked. At that moment I thought, do I really think I’m not beautiful?

That cannot be…

I’ve had my days of insecurities but I’ve never let them dominate who I am. Then I noticed that the ones I liked were with people I care about and love.

The thought made me reflect… is beauty even about what I look like? I decided to look up the definition on

Beauty is a noun. Beauty is-

the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep
satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else
(as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest).

Then the word beautiful. Beautiful is an adjective. it is-

1. having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind:

2. excellent of it’s kind.
That’s when I realized it… I felt most beautiful when I was surrounded by the things that brought joy, peace and pleasure to my life.

It’s my environment that brings beauty to my life. Beauty is not what you look like. It’s your ability to see, hear and realize that beauty is more than the shape of your eyes or nose, it’s about surrounding yourself with the people, things and activities that bring joy to your life. And to know that because you are different and there’s only ONE OF YOU you are EXCELLENT of your kind. We are all different. We all have different gifts and abilities. My gift, my ability is being a teacher. Being a teacher is what makes me feel beautiful within and without. Being surrounded by children is what brings joy to my life. Being surrounded by learning children that provoke joy within me causes me to feel beautiful. The gift of being a wife to my husband and being able to serve him and love him makes me feel beautiful. I am able to give to him of my gift and in return he gives of himself to me. The exchange of gifts causes an environment of love, and that love CAUSES me to feel beautiful. That is why being in God’s presence daily causes me to feel beautiful. There is a beautiful exchange in his presence of love that causes a sense of peace, joy and confidence that causes a in-explainable beauty. It’s more than a beauty you can see, but a beauty you can tangibly touch. Use your gifts, use your abilities and create an environment of beauty for someone else.

You are wonderfully and fearfully filled with GREATNESS! I support you. You are #redefiningBEAUTY!


Jontrice Murray is currently beginning her application process to pursue a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). She hopes to expand her corporate career, as well as develop better business skills to enrich her hobby as a photographer.

“The beauty about my photography is that I capture my clients at beautiful moments, mainly while they’re accomplishing major milestones, that’s why I love it so much! When my clients looks back on their photos, they get that tingling feeling, which bring them back to their happy place.” – Tricey

You are definitely #redefiningBEAUTY! I believe in your GREATNESS and I hope you continue to pursue your dreams and share your creativity with the world!

Check out her work: Jontricemurrayphotography


Ighalo Paula is currently working on expanding her catering business (Pees Indoor Catering) and also going big in modeling. “Beauty is an admirable quality that shows or reflects on a being.” You go girl! You are #redefiningBEAUTY. Keep pursuing your dreams!


Nissi Ogulu is working on achieving her dreams with her music, art and business. She recently released her single “Pay attention”, where she emphasizes the need to be mindful and attend to humanitarian issues that matter the most. She is sharing her ideas with the world and showing what she has to offer.

“I’m working on being the very best in my field and always improving myself by outdoing myself while remaining true to myself and my creator.” – Nissi Ogulu.

You go girl! You are #redefiningBEAUTY. I believe in your GREATNESS!💕

Check out her work!


Alexis Fulford is currently working at an Amazon Fulfillment Center during the week. On her days off, she explores her talent in makeup. Her hope is that in the coming years she’ll be able to climb the corporate ladder, get her MUA liscense, and continue to show women that you can be yourself and succeed better than your wildest dreams. You go girl! You are #redefiningBEAUTY. We believe in your GREATNESS!


Brynn Cox currently works in recreation and leisure. She incorporates #redefiningBEAUTY into her work by helping people strive to be a healthier and happier versions of themselves. She also helps carry out programs that get people moving and happy. You go Brynn! You are so beautiful and your light is contagious!


Larisa Gawlik is currently interning as a public relations and marketing intern at a theatre in Houston. She hopes this opportunity turns into a career. She hopes to eventually move to New York to further pursue PR and marketing for theatre!

You are #redefiningBEAUTY. Keep pursuing your dreams. We are cheering you all the way.


 “Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.” – Tony Robbins

Every year right before Christmas, students dread the reality of finals. Around this time, the internet is filled with countless memes that project  the harsh reality of finals. You go from binge watching Dexter on Netflix all semester to trying to figure out what classes you’re currently taking. I get it, we’ve all been there. As an Academic Coach, I’ve had countless students send me emails over the past few weeks panicking over finals. Although finals can be a bit overwhelming, I can assure you that this too shall pass. Here are some tips that can help you successfully make it through finals:

  1. Be Aware: It is important you acknowledge where you are right now. Be mindful of your thoughts, emotions and actions. Thanksgiving break can create a false belief that school is over. Combat that belief by staying in your present reality and making attainable goals.
  2. Make Attainable Goals: You have only a few weeks before the semester is over. Set realistic goals for yourself everyday. A common mistake students make is believing they will eventually get the work done, which results in pulling an all-nighter the day before the final exam. In some cases, you will get the work “done” at the expense of your sleep and sanity. However, it is much more beneficial to study effectively than to wait till the last minute to pull an all-nighter.
  3. Set Boundaries: Tell your loved ones what your goals are and set boundaries. If your phone is a distraction, turn it off and throw it to the other side of the room. Do whatever it takes to make sure you are eliminating any physical or mental distraction.
  4. Take Care of Yourself: It is easy to forget about your needs when you’re focused on your grades. You must always remember that you are #1 priority. Be sure to take 10-15 minute breaks every hour. Also, stay active and eat as healthy as possible.  Make sure you’re getting enough sleep to promote optimal performance.
  5.  Repeat Positive Affirmations: In order to succeed, you must first believe that you will succeed! Don’t spend time worrying about what could go wrong. Instead, focus on what will go right! Your mind is one of the most powerful tools you have. Use it to attract the positive things you want in your life.

I hope these tips help you through these next two weeks. I believe in your GREATNESS!

Much love,