Grecia Daleth Elva Chapa

Grecia Daleth Elva Chapa is currently working on achieving Rookie of the Year at Liberty Mutual. When she has bad moments, her ritual to get back to a happy state of mind is to drink coffee from her “Believe in Who You Are” mug, turn around and read all the thank you letters she received from hundreds of people she has helped throughout the years. She practices gratitude and remembers to embrace her journey as some of her loved ones never had the opportunity she has been given. Before calling prospective clients at her job, she uses words of affirmation such as “I am powerful and I am loving. I am powerful and I am loved. I am powerful and I love it!”

“I choose to live in beauty and spread beauty everyday because life is too short not to. I challenge everyone to make someone smile doing something you are passionate about and reach out to me if you are ever in a slump and need motivation. I would love to help anyway that I can.”- Grecia Chapa

“Dream. Believe. Overachieve.”

So proud of you Grecia! We know you are an asset at Liberty Mutual. You are creative, phenomenal and unique! We believe in your GREATNESS! You are definitely #redefiningBEAUTY 


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