Uchénna Enwereji

Uchénna Enwereji is currently working on growing as a respiratory therapist and really honing her skills. Her long term goals are to eventually go to medical school and become a doctor. Health and education are her main focus as she plans to go around the world, delivering much needed medical care and education to the less fortunate. Although she’s not certain how everything will fall into place after school, it’s very important to her that she is able to leave a mark on the earth.

“My definition of a quality life isn’t just about the possessions I accumulate or my ability to take care of myself and my family alone. For me, it’s about the positive impact I’m able to make on others’ lives. As a respiratory therapist, I encounter so many people that are sick, depressed, and just all around dejected. My job isn’t just to administer the medication or therapy they need. It is also to be a messenger of hope for them and to encourage them by showing that someone cares. I incorporate beauty in the lives of my patients by giving them a reason to smile and being that small ray of sunshine in the midst of the darkness their conditions bring. I absolutely love my job and being able to meet people at their point of need and offer solutions.”- Uchenna Enwereji

So proud of you Uche!  We know you will be an asset in the medical field. You are creative, phenomenal and unique! I believe in your GREATNESS! You are definitely #redefiningBEAUTY 


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