I am Deborah Queen. My mission in life is to Redefine BEAUTY (Becoming Educated Artistic and Understanding Towards Yourself). This platform was developed from my desire to enable and equip young women to impact the world.

I have earned my credibility by practicing what I preach. Driven by my thirst for knowledge, I graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelors in Science in Criminal Justice. I began to pursue a Masters in Art in Legal Studies immediately after graduation. I have had the privilege of studying in Nigeria, England and the United States. After examining the different legal system each region was accustomed to, I became fascinated with resolving conflict, social justice and the impact it has on our society’s growth.

In addition to my academic success, I work at Texas State University as a PACE Academic Coach.  Here, I utilize my creative mind to encourage first year and probation students to be successful through academic support and personal development.

After completing my graduate program, I believe I will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be successful in Law School. Join me as I continue to redefine BEAUTY!

For More Information: What is Redefining BEAUTY?

Becoming Educated Artistic Understanding Towards Yourself

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